Hi there! Welcome to the online home of DU History, Trinity College Dublin’s student-run history society now in its 82nd session. The society is funded by its membership fees and the College’s Central Societies Committee (CSC).

The society aims to engender an appreciation and enjoyment of history, whether or not history is your specific area of study.

We host lecture addresses from famous academics, debates, table quizzes, mixers, pub nights, and club nights on a weekly basis. We also travel abroad in the Hilary (second) term reading week, and in previous years have explored the histories of Tallinn, London, Budapest and Munich.

The society is now in its 83rd session and proudly continues its accommodation of those with a casual interest in history as well as an academic one. All of our events cater to all members of the College community with an interest in history, though we also provide impartial advice to students on making subject choices and the foundation scholarship examination in history.

DU History is one of the oldest and most active societies in the College. Feel free to explore our site and get in touch via the contact options. We’d love to hear from you!




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